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Business And Commercial Law Firm In Chicago

At Tomlinson & Shapiro, P.C., we are a business and commercial law firm handling all types of matters for clients throughout the Chicagoland area of Illinois and the rest of the country. We take a detail-oriented, long-term approach to help our clients through transactional and litigation issues of all kinds, representing commercial enterprises from the largest international corporations to startups.

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Long-Term Partnership

Although we deliver solutions specific to a particular situation, much of our work results in ongoing, long-term legal partnerships with the businesses we represent. By working with the same firm over many years, our clients benefit from the knowledge and familiarity we obtain with their operation. When legal issues arise, they know we are at least up to speed on the general details and goals of their businesses.

Our clients also appreciate the honesty and integrity with which we practice law. Where other lawyers might see only the short-term financial gain of taking on a losing lawsuit for a client or delivering an impractical solution, we take a broader approach. We want our clients’ businesses to succeed. When you succeed, we succeed. Therefore, we give honest, practical recommendations to our clients. If you are looking at a lawsuit or other legal issue that will not benefit you, we will tell you.

We want to help you save money, avoid unnecessary legal disputes and obtain your commercial goals because when you succeed, we succeed.

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We are here to discuss your legal needs. Our attorneys represent all types and sizes of business throughout Chicago. Call us at 312-715-8770 or email us to schedule a consultation.