Ready to Appeal?

Did your property taxes go up again?

Why pay more than your fair share of Cook County Property Taxes?

The Deadline to Appeal is Quickly Approaching!

NO FEE Unless We Save You Money!

The Cook County Assessor will once again issue new property tax bills. But why give Cook County more of your hard-earned money than you should? The answer is you should not have to. One of the only ways for you to enforce your rights as a taxpayer is to appeal and appeal again, every year.

Tomlinson & Shapiro, P.C. can appeal your taxes for you!
Most firms charge you 50% of your 1st year savings.
We only charge 33%, so you’ll save even more.
PLUS, you pay nothing unless we win your appeal!!


The attorneys at Tomlinson & Shapiro, P.C. know how the Cook County property tax system works and we believe that you as a valued taxpayer should not be required to pay more than your fair share of property taxes. We have experienced legal counsel that will do what is necessary to assist owners in achieving tax relief. We will do the leg work for you and file your appeal. You only pay if Tomlinson & Shapiro, P.C. helps you get tax relief. If we get a reduction for you, our legal fees are 33% of the reduction that you receive on your next tax bill. If your appeal is denied, you owe us nothing.

Ready to Appeal?

Ready to Appeal?


  • Overvaluation
  • Recent Purchase
  • Appraisal
  • Factual Error in Property Description
  • Lack of Uniformity
  • Vacancy
  • Demolition

The Appeal Process:

There are two opportunities every year for an owner to appeal property taxes:

The Assessor’s Office

The first opportunity to appeal is with the Assessor’s Office generally between January and October. Each township has their own 30-day window in which to appeal. The Assessor’s Office posts the deadlines specific to each township on their website starting in January.

The Board of Review

The second opportunity to appeal is with the Board of Review. This appeal generally occurs between August and February and similarly each township has its own 30-day window in which to appeal. The Board of Review deadline for each township can be found on their website.

If you missed your township’s window to appeal with the Assessor’s Office, YOU ARE NOT TOO LATE,
you can still appeal with the Board of Review.


Cook County deadlines for filing appeals are quickly approaching in your township. There is a very narrow time to appeal for each township. Don’t let the possibility of substantial savings on your next tax bill pass you by. 

  • To find the Cook County Assessor’s Office deadlines, click here.
  • To find the Cook County Board of Review deadlines, click here.

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